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Library of Boys Higher Secondary School Tral

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It is reality that a few Higher Secondary Schools of the entire valley can boast of having the previledge of a big library as does our Boys Higher Secondary school Tral.

The austere silence and clean atmosphere renders the main library hall a mosque like sanctity.Any new entrant is caught by the feeling of the value of knowledge and goes from almirah to almirah casting an eager look on the books. The library consists of more than eight thousand new books.

There are about three thousand old books also that are torn by the cruel hands of time.Yet they have been preserved adequately and it presents view of a mini museum for the interest of students.The library is eqipped with a Book Bank.The scholars and reading folk of Tral are motivated to contribute to this bank by giving their valuable books that lie unused in their possession only to serve as fodder for book worms.The library has a beautiful reading room housed in the adjoining room of the main hall.

The students keep themselves abreast of the up to date information reading dailies and journals-local/national.The books on almost all subjects taught here are foud .In addition the library is rich in Iqbalyat /Islamyat/ Hindu and Sikh religious books/ Tafaseer and Hadith/poetry novel and books on litrary criticism.

The library remains open year round to issue books to the students and teachers. The poor and needy students are provided books related to their subjects for full academic session. Recently the principal added latest books and refrences on science subjects.The future plan is to upload impotant books and notes into the library link of the website.